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Attract like-minded people for your start-up and build everlasting connections!


Nothing in life is complete without good people around as they add up to the overall value and to the oxygen that is breathed in and the quality of life that is experienced. This is true for the business world as well and here, we discuss some handy, evergreen and easy-to-implement tips that can be effortlessly included and practiced as part of the regimen by the start-ups to establish, nurture and continue the long-lasting relationships with the clientele within minimum amount of time and with least possible efforts.

1) Be found through a website:

In the present times, it is indispensable for any start-up to have a digital face in the form of a website that stands out from the crowd that is competing for higher and higher visibility each passing day.

Be found through websiteWooing those who share the same views as the business is the main aim of this virtual digital face. This is achieved with carefully designed web/landing pages linked to other related sites, forums and social media platforms to mention a few.

Overall, an engaging website with the right usage of SEO keywords can be one of the best platforms to attract people towards your business.So, let the website hunt for the right people at the internet space with optimised linkages!

2) Spread awareness through blogs:

The reading habits of modern folk are changing as they are getting increasingly fascinated by the digital presentation of interesting stuff that they used to read in print media. Blogs have thus acquired a strong disposition amidst the other forms of online as well as offline communication.

 Spread awareness through blogs

Today, they are taken as something coming direct from the business and are hence valued for their authenticity. Further, blogs can give voice to your brand and visibility to your business values.

A regularly posted blog with all the relevant information about the business appeals to the curious readers like nothing else. This genuinely inclined folk present great chances of engagement (and lead generation in the near future) while spreading awareness among other like-minded people.

3) Leverage the digital medium optimally:

As this is a digital age, a strong online presence with a robust online profile that is interactive and engages the target audience quite well is also necessary.

 Leverage the digital medium optimallyThere are plethora of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn on which the start-ups can have an account.Here, LinkedIn deserves a special mention as this platform proffers a lot of space for the start-ups to interact and understand each other’s specialisations and specific business requirements with great ease.

Overall, an active and regular participation in the online discussions, debates, comments and reviews about the industry and the complementing companies definitely has a positive effect on the brand image.

4) Subscribe to a club/online community:

Though it is difficult to associate with the people sharing the common denominator in terms of thinking process, aspirations and basic orientation towards the products/services offered by a business through conventional practices, it gets a lot easy when achieved through a place such as a club/online community.

When there is a time constraint and it is not possible to attend a club or group in person, an idea that is worth consideration is to be a part of one or more online communities. These communities involve the participation of only like-minded folk and it the best place to meet and befriend them.

The only requirement of these vibrant platforms is to be consistent with the conversation and never get out of view of public lest you worry to be forgotten!

5) Leverage the power of contests and giveaways:

Start-ups can also run contests and give gifts to attract more people. However, it is crucial to not to get swayed by the words—contest and giveaways. A new entrant in the market or even a business that is propelling at an astonishing rate cannot afford to waste their resources.

Leverage the power of contests and giveaways

So, a contest must be designed in such a way that it attracts only those who strike a common chord with the business and have unfeigned interest in the products or services offered by the business.The linked giveaways with the contests must be economical to the business and should be smartly delivered through the email gates of the receivers.

In this way, one can extract helpful information to build a valuable marketing asset i.e., a list of 100 per cent active customers which can then be used to send important business emails in due course of time.

6) Attend industry-relevant events and conferences:

For start-ups, it is necessary to not just be active but pro-active in their approach as far as meaningful social interactions are concerned that are potent to pay good dividends in the future. For that, they should attend industry-relevant events and conferences.

Attend industry-relevant events and conferences

However, merely attending an event is not enough but it is equally important to be fully-prepared for it. Remember to carry the business card that may or may not be accentuated with a token gift. Generally, the gift should be industry-relevant (need not be very expensive) so that the receivers of the same can recollect that they have met someone at the event who was appearing to be positive. Another item that may prove to be helpful in gaining the attention of the like-minded people in the huge crowd is pamphlets or brochures (2-3 pagers).


To sum up…

People matter a lot, isn’t it? It is difficult even for a prominent brand with strong foothold in the market to continue with happy and substantial relationship with its customers if it fails to meet their expectations in the manner that is desired by them.

So, what can be said about a start-up which is completely unknown for the customers to connect and relate to? A start up, therefore, has to necessarily attract the people with the right attitude, sharing common interests, aspirations and passion to join hands for successful business execution and retaining them with a smile. Thus, the need of the hour is to attract like-minded people and build everlasting connections without undue sweat and expenditure!


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