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  • The most promising projects are selected through our detailed research

  • The selected projects get presented in the deal room inviting lead investor backing

  • You get to participate in those startups that suits your preference

  • Co-invest alongside the lead investor and begin your journey

  • Grow with your startups and track their performance


UK India Start-Up Corridor

Pioneer cross border start-up investment platform in the UK

Social Investing

Co-invest with other sophisticated investors and experience the world of social investing


Offering vetted start-up opportunities that match your specific investment preferences

Why Invest in Indian Startups?

If you had invested


in any of these start-ups during their early rounds of funding, you would have made*







*The Return on Investments (ROI) illustrated above are theoretical, depending on the investment entry and exit year, where exit is based on the IPO listing, M&A or Sale & Trade of shares.

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