Leaders are the angel Investors, VC firms, family offices and all sophisticated investors. We invite all Leaders so that they could provide judicious advice and insights based on their acumen and extensive hands-on experience. Please take time to offer helpful advice on aspects that could make the Startups, the Unicorns of tomorrow.


You provide the most important fuel that a Startup founder needs . With a wealth of experience at your fingertips, you could provide vital feedback to upcoming startups and be a pivotal part of their success with your valued input. Please don the garb of a Jury Member and allow the founders to benefit from your feedback and your votes


Showcase your Startup and get feedback from potential investors. Demonstrate your outstanding ideas and how, with the right backing, you have a winning idea. Show the stuff you want to strut about and let the world know you are a phenomenon in the making. Get some valuable feedback while keeping your Secret Sauce well hidden.


Are you a student, a potential co-founder, a service provider or a mentor interested in making a difference to a Startup? Here is a chance to let the Startups know why you could make that difference and why they must have you involved.

Become part of an International Startup Jury

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