Leader and Investor FAQs:

Can I invest in the Startups presented here?

This is a pre-launch platform to review Startups. It is not an invitation to invest. These Startups are here to seek views and inputs from leaders and investors like yourself. They have not been presented for Investment. Please use the rating and review mechanisms provided to give your feedback. These Startups are here to seek views and inputs from diverse set of Leaders and Investors via the Rating and Review mechanisms provided.

As a jury what exactly are my roles and responsibilities?

There are no strict roles and responsibilities if you participate. The Startups here expect candid, constructive input from you on the propositions they have shared. Any suggestions shared by you based on your experience would be valued.

A Startup has caught my attention and I would like to invest, can I contact them?

You are most welcome to contact any Startup that has provided its contact details, however, these Startups are not curated by CrowdInvest. CrowdInvest will not be doing any introductions directly. No prior diligence has been done and CrowdInvest takes no responsibility for investments related to these startups. These Startups are not presented for investment purposes. You are free to have further conversations at your own risk.

I have a Startup in my portfolio that would like to participate, can I recommend your platform to it?

Your portfolio Startup is most welcome to register and upload their proposition through this link:

Founder FAQs:

Will I be able to raise Investment for my startup?

The objective of this exercise is to showcase your startup in front of Global Leaders and Investors so they can provide you with candid feedback to improve your growth and fundraise possibilities. The purpose isn’t for fundraising but for you to receive feedback and sharpen your proposition. You are most welcome to apply to CrowdInvest’s Investment Programme separately for fundraising purposes.

: I am not comfortable sharing confidential aspects about my business

It is your prerogative and responsibility  to protect confidential aspects and proprietary material . You could choose to submit your deck in front of the Global Jury without your confidential material if you think appropriate. Any information you post here will be displayed publicly and CrowdInvest is not responsible in any manner to safeguard or protect this information.


Will I know the names of the Investors who provide feedback or rate my proposition ?

You will receive information on the ratings and reviews.  You may receive an Investor’s contact information if they choose to share this with you. Not all Investors are comfortable sharing their contact information and we do not make it mandatory for them to do so. It is completely up to the individual investor and the interest they take in your startup.

I have a startup which is in stealth mode but I would like to seek review. Is it permissable for me to I hide the name of my Startup?

You are most welcome to use a different code name for your Startup as long as you clarify in your deck that this is a pseudo name. While Investors appreciate the need for discretion, CrowdInvest will not support misrepresentation.

I have a pitch deck that is not quite ready, can I upload it as it is ?

This a freestyle opportunity for you to be presented in front of investors, unplugged and uncensored. You are welcome to showcase your startup in any format you see fit, including pitch decks. However, we will not be curating any pitch deck. It is up to you how you’d like to put your best foot forward. If you are uploading a pitch deck, please ensure that it has legible fonts, clear visuals, if any, and is easy on the eyes.

How many slides should I include in the deck

We would recommend no more than 12 to 15 slides including the ‘Thank you’ slide since Investors prefer short, succinct pitches and may not have the time or attention span to read through lengthy decks.

What format should I use for the Pitch deck

CrowdInvest does not recommend a format. It is up to you as a Founder to put the best foot forward. It is up to you to choose the contents of the pitch deck. We recommend use of best practices and templates that convey the pain point that you plan to solve, the team composition, your solution, differentiators, Go-to-Market plans, validations and traction, if any.

I don’t want to declare my Startup’s name as I am apprehensive of receiving a poor rating or review

The ratings are seen by everyone whereas the critical investor feedback is only seen by the Founders in their dashboard.  You may choose to show a Working / placeholder name however we suggest you  ensure that you declare that this is a pseudo name in your pitch deck since Investors and Leaders are likely to appreciate your transparency.

I am unable to see pitch decks of other Startups

Only Investors have access to pitch decks of Startups. As a Founder, you aren’t able to view pitch decks of other Startups.

Enablers FAQs:

I am a student and would like to intern with a Startup, is it OK if I contact them here?

You are very welcome to connect with Startups directly and explore internship or indeed any other collaboration opportunities.

I run an entity that can help a couple of Startups grow their business, is it OK if I contact them?

CrowdInvest doesn’t make any introductions however you are most welcome to  contact the founders and share your details if you would like to offer your services.